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    Dear Applicants,
    Please be informed that the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tehran does not support, does not recommend and does not cooperate with any company established in Poland or Iran which declares the assistance in obtaining Schengen visas in the Polish consulate, establishing company in Poland, obtaining the residence permit in Poland or the Polish citizenship.


    1) Online registration

    In order to apply for a Schengen or National visa to Poland, please make an online registry of your application and book appointment at:

    Each person has to register its application separetly.

    We suggest to apply for a visa 2-3 months before intended days of the visit (application cannot be lodged earlier than three months before the start of the intended visit). It is the applicant's own responsibility to take the necessary precautions in relation to the processing time, deadlines.


    2) Coming to the Embassy - submitting documents

    After you have registered the online application and booked your appointment, you will have to come to the Embassy of Poland in Tehran to submit your application and all required documents, pay the fee and provide biometric data.

    Due to the finger prints scanning the Embassy requires personal appearance when submitting the application.

    Visa processing fee is non-refundable, and will be collected when submitting the visa application. It is only  payable in cash in Euros.
    The visa fee is 60,- EUR for adults and 35,- EUR for minors aged 6 - 12. There is no processing fee for children under the age of 6.

    If the applicant does not show up on the appointed date or is late, the appointment will automatically be cancelled. If the requested documentation is lacking, the application will not be accepted.
    It is essential that you collect all the required documents before presenting your application to the Embassy, including supporting documents. If supporting documents are not presented promptly, your application may, upon examination, be refused and the visa fee lost.


    3) Visa interview (optional)

    You may be asked to attend a visa interview with a consul. The Embassy will call you if we want to invite for the interview.


    4) Visa Decision
    The Embassy will call you to inform you to come to the Embassy to learn about the visa decision. the usual waiting time take 2 weeks.


     Please do not call the Embassy yourself!


    Before travel
    The possession of a valid Schengen or Polish National visa does not grant an irrevocable right of entry or temporary stay in the Schengen states or Poland territories. You may be asked to present certain evidence and documents for verification upon entry at the border post.

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