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  • 28 April 2016

    For the first time in Iran, a country where the "Polish School of Posters" is so well known, project showing to the Iranian audience the present-day image of graphic design in Poland.

    The phenomenon of the “Polish Poster School” is very well-known outside of Poland, both among the general public and design communities. Unfortunately, in Poland it is now viewed as more of a historical phenomenon, connected with the activities of museums, galleries and art schools. Contemporary graphic design in Poland is developing dynamically in many new domains, no longer limiting itself solely to poster design.


    The exhibition, workshops and lecture series that we will be organizing in Tehran are meant to present a contemporary view of Polish applied graphic design which, on the one hand, strongly draws on the poster tradition while, on the other hand, also materializing in entirely new domains of visual communication, such as branding and electronic media.


    Four designers represent the history and present-day state of Polish applied graphic design. Poster designers who began a new period in Poland’s design history in the 1990s as well as designers from the youngest generation who make reference to the Polish poster legacy either through form or approach. Lex Drewinski is a creator of very politically and socially engaged designs realized in an austere and minimalistic form. Grzegorz Laszuk is an artist who initiated a new type of poster in Poland in the 1990s based on experiments with typography and photography. Ola Niepsuj is a young but well-known designer representing a broad group of illustrators who make strong references in their work to the best years of the “Polish Poster School.” Katarzyna Nestorowicz & Marcin Noviki have Noviki Studio, one of the most progressive and experimental graphic design studios in Poland.


    The project will be held from 29 April till 2 May - on 29 April there will be the opening of the exhibition at the Lajevardi Collection (No. 20 Sepand alley, Villa st.) and on 1 & 2 May workshops and lectures at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.



    Lex Drewiński

    Grzegorz Laszuk

    Ola Niepsuj

    Kasia Nestorowicz & Marcin Noviki (Noviki Studio)



    Rene Wawrzkiewicz

    Parisa Tashakori



    Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tehran



    Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA)

    Lajevardi Foundation

    Roozrang (

    Adam Mickiewicz Institute


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